Brewery Ommegang will feature two of its most popular brews at Utica On Tap, Saturday March 22.

Founded in 1997 in Cooperstown, NY, Brewery Ommegang specializes in innovative Belgian beer, that uses various types of yeast to produce different, sometimes fruity flavors. The Belgian style of brewing is a perfect fit for Duvel USA, for whom Ommegang brews in the United States.

At Utica On Tap, you can try two favorites from Brewery Ommegang, Witte and Hennepin.

Here's a little info about both, and since we're talking craft beer - which is now being paired with food much like wine, we've included Brewery Ommegang's Chef tasting notes along with the description.

Starting with Witte, which is Ommegang's version of the classic Belgian wit or "white" ale. Witte is brewed with malted and unmalted wheat, orange peel and coriander - offering a refreshing full-flavored ale that is light and balanced.

Witte can be compared to a Sauvignon Blanc. Ommegang suggests using it to steam mussels, clams or steamers. As for what to eat with it, try a crab salad and see how it sweetens the crab. Also, keep in mind anything else you might cook or eat with a Sauvignon Blanc and let the ideas flow.

Witte has an Alcohol By Volume content of 5.2%.

The next brew featured by Brewery Ommegang at Utica On Tap is the Hennepin.

Hennepin is a classic farmhouse-style ale and is moderately hoppy with a champagne-like effervescence. Hennepin starts crisp and is followed by malt sweetness and balanced with the slightest bitterness. It has a lot of great flavors including ginger, spice, and orange.

As an accompaniment, it leans toward Asian food, especially sushi. The ginger notes and corriander make for a great pair with salmon and a nice dose of wasabi.

Henepin has and Alcohol By Volume content of 7.7%.

An interesting note about Brewery Ommegang - being Belgian in origin - and since every Belgian beer has a unique glass dedicated to it, Ommegang has a glass for each one of its beers.

For instance, a tumbler is traditional for Witte. A sturdy shape and wide mouth is needed to survive the repeat visits to a replenishing brew.

Hennepin, on the other hand, should be served in a stemmed, narrow goblet so you can grip the glass without warming the beer.

As they say at Brewery Ommegang, "Of course, you don't have to drink our beer from the right glass. You'll just enjoy it more if you do."

See you at Utica On Tap!


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