The New York Knicks upgraded their collective defense, and craziness, this week with the signing of Metta World Peace - the basketball player formerly known as Ron Artest.

World Peace, 33, a New York City product, who was raised in Queens and a product of St. John's University, said he was enticed to come home to New York because of the challenge of bringing and NBA title to Madison Square Garden....but, also debated playing arena football, reports ESPN:

World Peace said Monday that signing with the Knicks wasn't his priority. He initially thought of playing football.

"Y'all know I like to be adventurous," he said. "I have no filter and I have no filter in my creativity. Very bold. I changed my name. So the thing with the Arena Football League was really appealing to me. That was something I mentioned to everybody. And I'm pushing kids to play multiple sports, like Bo Jackson did back in the day."

The 14 year NBA vet is a renowned defender with an ability to get under the skin of his opponent. But, he will forever be tied to the player-fan brawl in Detroit, where he went up into the stands, taking shots at fans.

World Peace and the Knicks reportedly agreed to a two-year deal.