Washington, DC (WIBX) - In a new survey of more than twenty-five hundred Americans, about one-third consider themselves part of the lower or lower middle classes.  That reflects an increase over four years ago.

The most surprising aspect of the survey was perhaps the fact that those increasingly pessimistic about their financial status is a group that is normally more optimistic - those under the age of thirty.

Both Democrats and Republicans saw increases as well. Twenty-three percent of Republicans identifying themselves with the lower classes, up ten percent from just thirteen percent in 2008.  There was only a four percent rise among Democrats, with thirty-three percent identifying themselves with the lower classes.

More than sixty percent of Americans polled say that they are less financially secure today than they were, with more than half of those saying that the economy is "poor."  The Pew Research Center characterizes those views as "downbeat."

For the full study visit the Pew Research Center's website or click on this latest Pew Social and Demographic Trends survey link.



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