Ventura, CA (WIBX) - Sunday is National Toilet Paper Day.  To celebrate a Ventura, California-based company has launched a promotion asking Americans which way they roll.

Similar to polls done in years past by the likes of Charmin and Cottonelle, the NetPlenish survey found that just about seventy-five percent of Americans say that going over the top is the way to roll.

Among the trends: Women are more likely than men to be over-hangers.  Louisiana residents are least passionate about how it hangs, with forty-four percent admitting to being under-hangers.  Massachusetts residents and those over the age of sixty are committed to rolling over.

Now, if you are questions the newsworthiness of the paper poll, consider another poll tip: Americans spend an average of thirty minutes a year searching for the first sheet of a fresh toilet paper roll.  Need more proof?  There is even a blog that exists, claiming that there may be even divine intervention dictating how to roll your tissue.