Mountain Ice, a popular pain-relieving gel created and manufactured locally, announced today a valued partnership with two-time MLB All-Star, Gleyber Torres. The New York Yankees shortstop will be a brand ambassador and the face of the pain-relieving gel, Mountain Ice Sports Recovery Muscle Therapy Gel. 

After battling with muscle injuries in the past, Torres was introduced to the product by a close friend and found his muscle soreness decreased significantly reduced. 

“When I first used Mountain Ice this offseason, I felt an immediate improvement in my muscle recovery,” said Torres. “The Mountain Ice Sports Recovery Muscle Therapy Gel has quickly become an instrumental part of my daily training routine. Mountain Ice is a family run, small business that genuinely cares about every person that uses their products. I’m excited to join their family and help them continue to grow their business.” 

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“Working with Gleyber to share the mission and benefits of Mountain Ice is monumental for our company,” stated Martin Zarnock Jr., Founder and Creator of Mountain ice. “We are honored that he is an advocate for our brand and has chosen to represent our Sports Recovery Muscle Therapy Gel,” said Zarnock. Martin also stated, “By Torres using Mountain Ice prior to workouts and games, he is conditioning his body for optimal muscle health and recovery, and ensuring that he is in the best physical condition.” 

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Mountain Ice is a clinically recommended topical analgesic that combines the active ingredient of menthol with rich natural plants and extracts to penetrate deep to reach pain at the source. The Sports Recovery Gel is specifically formulated for athletes and runners to promote muscle health and provide greater stamina, increase endurance, and enhance overall athletic performance. The unique blend not only reduces inflammation and improves circulation, but also works to prevent muscle damage and spasms, helps avoid sports-related injuries, and promotes quicker healing and recovery time. 

Mountain Ice was developed in 2019 to treat arthritis, joint and muscle pain, and neuropathy. The Founder, Martin Zarnock Jr., had personally suffered from stiff joints and muscle soreness over many years. Zarnock wanted to create a superior product that contained rich antioxidants and essential vitamins to heal the pain, rather than just numb it. The natural ingredients are proven remedies that target specific areas of the body and build proteins that increase muscle mass. The result is stronger healthy bones, improved joint flexibility and better body motion. Mountain Ice is owned by Mountainside Medical Equipment, a family-run proud Veteran-Owned Service-Disabled Small Business based in Marcy. For more information, visit 


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