My family is one of the hundreds in the Twin Tiers who live in Pennsylvania but work just across the border in New York and it looks like the number of people doing the exact same thing might be growing.

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According to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the state has seen an influx of people moving into it, including 43,295 people from New Jersey, 19,629 people from Florida, 13, 048 people from California, 12,193 people from Virginia, and…46,618 people from New York.

That’s right – out of the massive numbers of people moving from their current state into Pennsylvania, the Keystone State has seen the largest migration of people from New York.

Everyone knows the cost of living in New York can be crushing, so it should come as no surprise that New Yorkers are moving to Pennsylvania because the state has the lowest cost of living in the entire Northeast of the United States (one of the reasons my family moved across the border). Pennsylvania is also filled with world-class schools and universities and health institutions that are top-ranked.

The motto of Pennsylvania is “Pursue Your Happiness” and it surely appears people are doing just that, especially New Yorkers, by moving to Pennsylvania.

If you are one of the families planning to join mine in living in Pennsylvania and working in New York, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has created a handy resource guide for new residents which covers topics such as driver's license rules, vehicle registration, voting, finding a career, and more. You can see the resource guide here.

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