The wife of Republican Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson was on Keeler Wednesday morning discussing the upcoming primaries and her new book, A Doctor in the House: My Life with Ben Carson.

What do you think of Donald Trump? Have you thought about being First Lady? Why should voters give their vote to your husband?  These are just a few of the questions asked of Candy Carson during her interview.

Photo of book cover, A Doctor in the House: My Life with ben Carson. (Amazon Website)
Photo of book cover, A Doctor in the House: My Life with ben Carson. (Amazon Website)



What does she think of the campaign trail?

"You're traveling a's a different hotel and you try to remember where you are and sometimes you forget," said Carson as she described the campaign for the Republican nomination.

Carson's book discusses life with the Republican Presidential candidate and famed neurosurgeon and talks about the person the general public doesn't know: "a loving husband, a devoted father, a devout Christian, a committed philanthropist, and a fierce patriot."

Carson said most of the people she runs into on the campaign trail are "logic, common sense people with Judeo-Christian values and not stealing from future generations.  She spoke passionately about the income gap that the next generation is facing, saying "they don't have the opportunity we had."

Mrs. Carson said she shares these views with her husband and that's why New York Republican should vote for him in the upcoming March primary.

Ben Carson had been neck and neck with Donald Trump in the polls; but, has fallen behind in recent months to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. The Republican Primaries begin on February 1st in Iowa.  The latest Real Clear Politics poll just released has Carson in 4th place in Iowa.

  • Ted Cruz            26%
  • Donald Trump    26%
  • Marco Rubio      13%
  • Dr. Bem Carson   9%

During the interview with Keeler, Carson discussed the criticism her husband has received concerning his energy level and she was also asked her opinion of Donald Trump, who has made some pretty disparaging remarks about her husband. Listen to the Candy Carson Interview with Keeler, Wednesday, January 13, 2016:

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