Mohawk Valley Health System is downsizing its proposed new hospital in downtown Utica.

Officials say they've identified potential cost reductions without impacting patient care.

The new hospital was originally set to be an 830,000 square foot facility at a cost of $573 million.  The new cost projection is $480 million  for a 750,000 square foot facility.

The original concept included 430 inpatient beds -- the revised plan is for 400 beds.

Officials have also carved out a 24-bed inpatient “shell” that could be finished and used at a later time, if needed. That reduction alone saves more than 15,000 square feet of new construction and adds to the overall savings.

“Planning a project of this magnitude occurs in several stages over the course of years,” said Scott H. Perra,  president/CEO of MVHS. “In late 2014, we developed estimates based upon preliminary design concepts. We continue to perform studies and evaluations to further refine the project as we advance through the phases of the development process.


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