The brilliant engineers at NASA have done it again.

No tax dollars were used to create the video as, according to the video description, interns and others volunteered their time to create a parody of the hit song and video "All About That Bass."

"The lyrics and scenes in the video," NASA says, "have been re-imagined in order to inform the public about the amazing work going on at NASA and the Johnson Space Center."

A test flight of Orion took place earlier this month.  Orion is intended to serve as the exploration vehicle to carry and sustain human beings in space.

If nothing else the NASA parody makes the subject of space travel more accessible, even for those whose feet will remain firmly planted on Earthen ground.

Aside from the humorous look behind the scenes at NASA the video gives impetus to another argument: The value of an education of science, technology, engineering, and math can benefit significantly from the addition of arts - including those of the performing kind - giving impetus to turning STEM programs into those of the more energetic "STEAM" variety.

To our knowledge Meghan Trainor, who performs the original song, has not yet commented on the parody.  Imitation, it has been said, is the highest form of flattery so one might wonder how the star - whom many consider to be out of this world - could be anything less than proud.

Want to see more videos from NASA?  Check out this Gangnam-Style parody released in 2012:

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