Nobody holds' back when it comes to their opinion on Consumer Square and the absolutely atrocious traffic problem. Rejoice, New Hartford is actually looking into it.

With such a bad traffic problem also combined with five new stores coming to the popular shopping center, something needs to be done. Driving in and out of Consumer Square is nothing short of a horrendous nightmare. Does this mean there is an imminent fix coming? Not necessarily. It is most certainly a start and a push in the right direction.

The Town of New Hartford is currently working with the owners of Consumer Square and they are having a traffic pattern study done currently according to the Utica OD. That study was pushed really hard by the chairperson of the planning board, Heather Mowat. She was quoted saying "I felt strongly they should take another look". The study is nearing completion. Hopefully, it shows the issue we all are dealt with driving around there and a solution comes.

At the end of the day, a huge positive, they are listening. New Hartford that is, or at least they are also sharing the same opinion. Mowat also reached out to the New York State Department of Transportation as well regarding the flow of traffic from Commercial Drive.

Here is another thing worth thinking about though, what can really be done? Add an entrance? An exit off of 840 might be able to alleviate the traffic flow off of Commercial Drive a little bit. That would be a massive undertaking though.

What do you think could help solve the issue at Consumer Square? Let us know in our station app.

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