It's alarming to walk out of your house in the morning to leave for work or to take the kids to school to find someone has rummaged through your vehicle and possibly stolen an item of value.

It's even more alarming when you realize they stole the whole thing.

That's what happened to a New Hartford woman on Tuesday morning as she was leaving the house. Jovonna Torres says she walked out of the house only to realized her Jeep was missing from the driveway. Torres called police but also shared a social media post asking for helping locating her stolen SUV. Her purse and wallet were also inside the vehicle.

My car was stolen out of our driveway last night along with my wallet, spare house key, sons car seat & stroller etc. We live in New Hartford. If you see or know anything please message me with any information.

Torres spoke to WIBX 950 after the incident and believes she left her vehicle locked. It's possible that a door to the garage was unlocked and thinks that's how the thief got her extra set of keys and made off with the vehicle, she said, believing the theft occurred sometime between midnight and 5AM Tuesday morning.

via Jovonna Torres on Facebook
via Jovonna Torres on Facebook

Torres says her home does have a security camera system but it does not appear to have captured the incident. She has since reached out to neighbors hoping a nearby security camera may have captured the crooks making off with her vehicle, she said.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call New Hartford Police at 315-724-7111.

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