While many people such as nurses or teachers are being mandated to get a vaccine or possibly lose their job, inmates are being offered incentives for being vaccinated.

A memo, obtained by WIBX, from the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) was sent out to all New York State Incarcerated Individuals offering up some pretty sweet meal incentives in an effort to convince those unvaccinated inmates to get the shot. With the winter months coming, it is believed that the number of cases of COVID-19 could increase and DOCCS says the vaccine is the best way to keep the inmate population safe.

Not only will DOCCS provide inmates each of the three vaccine options to those who are currently unprotected, but they will also offer food incentives for those who agree to get the jab. Any inmate who wishes to take advantage of this incentive has until December 8th, 2021 to do so. DOCCS says,

This incentive program will include a paired down menu, such as pizza or McDonald's, from a local vendor in your area, but most also include a non-pork item, which will be decided by the facility after consulting with the Incarcerated Liaison Committee (ILC). There will be a spending limit of no more than $10.00 per individual.

There is also a holiday bonus being offered. DOCCS says that if a New York State Prison facility increases their vaccination rates by 10% from now until December 8th, the Department will provide a special Christmas Roast Beef dinner, which was "very popluar" in previous years. Even if the 10% increase does not occur, an enjoyable special holiday meal will still be provided.

There is still no mandate for inmates to be vaccinated, but the incentives of fast food and pizza parties are still being offered. It also seems with the added Christmas bonus meal, there may be inmates that will pressure other inmates to get the vaccine, so they can get that roast beef dinner. It was not clear if previously vaccinated inmates would be offered the McDonald's/pizza incentive.

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