A suicide attack is being blamed for the deaths and mayhem in Kabul.  The New York Times is reporting at least sixteen people were killed. NBC News says there are at least a dozen deaths, including children.

The attack has claimed the lives of six Americans, military advisers being identified as two soldiers and four civilian contractors.  Ten others, who appear to be Afghan civilians, were also killed in the first major blast that has taken place in the past month the capital city of Afghanistan.

A car packed with explosives is believed to have delivered the blast.  A May 16, 2013  New York Times article written by Matthew Rosenberg and Sangar Rahimi describes the procedure this way: "The car bomber’s vehicle, a white Corolla, is probably the most commonly seen car in Afghanistan, and the driver shot out of a side street, a fairly standard maneuver on Kabul’s chaotic and crowded roads. It is likely that the Americans who were targeted had little or no time to react once the threat became apparent, if they were able to spot it at all."

Al Jazeera is reporting that a dozen people were killed and thirty were injured during the explosion.

Separate blasts have been reported throughout the country as tensions continue to rise in the area.  Attacks on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 are said to have resulted in the deaths of more than thirty others.

The group Hezb-i-Islami has claimed responsibility for the attack.


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