If you thought the "Bridgerton" series only casts British actors, think again.

The ultra popular Netflix series wrapped its third season on Thursday and this author has some thoughts.

For those eager to see Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington's spice-riddled story translate from novel to television, they were most likely disappointed over the series choosing to pump the spotlight on another Bridgerton brother.

Benedict, who will likely stay in the limelight next season and embark on his (hopefully) book-accurate love story, hogged much of the latter half of season 3 to transform into Mayfair's most annoying rake.

But before I toss my coin into the fountain of grievances, there was an exciting happenstance in the new episodes - an Upstate New York actor made their debut in the latter half of season 3.

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That actor is Lucas Aurelio, a graduate of Albany High School and Russell Sage College, which is located in Troy. He pursued a theater major at the institute and graduated in 2018. Years later, he's stirring up major discourse on the internet by playing the broodingly handsome and sexually fluid Paul Suarez.

Aurelio's character was tasked to tempt Benedict into accepting a threesome. Despite how talented of an actor he is, that storyline was not a home run with the audience.

Fans of the show took to social media to complain how often the "ménage à troi" storyline involving Benedict, the widowed intellect Tilly Arnold, and the mysterious Suarez, was forcefully inserted into each and every episode.


Audience members complained that the series would abruptly shift from an engrossing, plot-building scene to Benedict hemming and hawing over the prospect of bedding a man and woman at the same time. Fans complained Benedict's ongoing identity crisis has been a plot point since the first season.

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In the end, a decent number of fans felt Benedict's character growth was foisted upon them and the cutaway scenes disrupted the episode's pacing every time. Critics said the storyline was better off being served in the following season, where it could breathe and not fight the main characters for equal attention.


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Should season 4 choose to finally make Benedict the main focus and take on Julia Quinn's "An Offer from a Gentleman," Aurelio will likely become an important character and rep Upstate New York on Netflix - and that way the story can be told in an exciting and, more importantly, uninterrupted way.

What are your thoughts on the latest Bridgerton season? Sound off in the app below.

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