The Republican candidate for the 118th New York State Assembly seat, Patrick Vincent responded sharply to his opponent recently in an interview on WIBX's First News with Keeler in the Morning.

Vincent said he had nothing to do with the arrest of his Republican opponent, Robert Smullen, who was arrested last week after being charged with double dipping on a veteran's tax exemption. In a previous interview with WIBX, Smullen blamed the arrest on Vincent playing "dirty politics" and using his influence to get the State Police to make the arrest for political reasons.

"The New York State Police do not get involved in political campaigns," said Vincent.  

The New York State Police do not get involved in political campaigns

"They just don't."  He added that it was a Town of Johnstown board member who filed the complaint and he had nothing to do with it.

Smullen was charged with "filing a false instrument for filing" after he took the veteran's exemption on two of his properties. The law allows for the exemption on a veteran's primary residence, but not on more than one property.  Smullen took the exemption on two homes. He told WIBX, after he discovered the mistake which he blamed on a "sea of bureaucratic paperwork".

"How can he handle hundreds of pieces of legislation coming across his desk for 135,000 people in a district with five counties," said Vincent, if he can't handle his own private affairs.

The Republican Primary between Smullen and Vincent is Thursday, September 13th.

Listen to complete interview here:

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