New York State has a new majority leader in the Senate in Long Island's John Flanagan and a reporter from the New York Daily News is convinced he's already guilty of avoiding questions with any substance.

Bill Hammond transcribed Flanagan's evasive answers to some pretty important questions regarding New York and then he took it one step further - he translated the answers for us.

While the editorial piece might seem pretty amusing, in reality is quite alarming at how true this story really is.

Question: What, if anything, is Flanagan going to do to clean up the Capitol?

Answer: “I believe very clearly that all of our members in both houses and both sides of the aisle understand the seriousness of this issue. . . . I would be surprised if there were further changes before the end of the session, but that doesn’t mean the subject won’t come up.”

Translation: “A Senate GOP lawyer recently advised my members not to talk to the feds without lawyering up. So, yeah, reform is not high on our priority list.”

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