What is a Hobbit House? If you are thinking it's some fantasy home from 'Lord of the Rings' you aren't wrong. A hobbit house is a dwelling built either underground or in a hillside but you don't have to be a hobbit to live in one. In this case you would just have to move to the Hudson Valley of New York.

According to Corcoran Country Living, 50 View West Court in Saugerties, NY was indeed inspired by 'The Hobbit', 'Lord of the Rings' and other writings of JRR Tolkien and you don't have to travel to Middle Earth to own it.

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Imagine watching the new Amazon series, The Lord of the Rings - Rings of Power while sitting in your own Hobbit House.  One thing to consider, if you were to buy this home, you would have to mow the roof of the house. If you are going to live underground this is to be expected. You won't have to do the same with the 4-car garage as that is detached.

This dwelling has some of the standard features you would expect and even require in a home. Thus single-family home offers 3 beds, 2 baths and 1,666 square feet of living space. Once you scroll through the pictures below you will see this is no ordinary house.


Thomas B. Roberts of Corcoran Country Living has 50 View West Court in Saugerties listed for sale with an asking price of $549,000. This isn't just a house ON a hill, this is a house IN a hill.

Hobbit's House For Sale in NY

This Hobbit's House is currently on the market and waiting for the next Lord of the Rings fans to buy it. Or maybe you just want to own the coolest house on the block...or in the block.

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