This could be a case of what happens in Vegas not staying in Vegas after all.

In what reads like something straight out of The Hangover, officials are saying that a New York state man who was in Las Vegas for a bachelor party went a bit crazy. Some other details of the alleged incident involve the suspect naked on top of a poker table, and even allegedly attacking a one-legged man.

However, the New York Post is reporting that the suspect's family is claiming that his drink had been spiked, which lead to the alleged meltdown.

New York State Man Goes on Alleged Naked Rampage in Las Vegas 

The Post is reporting that a 35-year-old went on a "buck-naked rampage" while in Vegas attending a bachelor party. KVVU says that the West Babylon man says he has no memory of the Sunday night escapade, that allegedly saw him "flaunting his genitalia while gyrating" on top of one of the casino poker tables.

Police say he also punched a one-legged man, who obviously wasn't able to get away very fast.


The man's family told the NY Post Tuesday that someone had spiked his drink with "some type of hallucinogenic drug"

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His wife went on to say, “The person who chose to drug my husband is the true criminal and is to blame for such behavior.", and that he has "no recollection of it happening " The man's father says that someone at the bar had bought a round of Irish Car Bombs for everyone, and wasn't long before his son told friends that he was "feeling off".

Las Vegas police said the suspect punched the other man while at the Bird Bar at the Flamingo Hotel, before fleeing out on to the Strip (no pun). Police say it was at that point that he removed his clothes and entered Harrah’s Hotel and Casino.

The Post says he was taken down by police, and was charged with disorderly conduct, battery and five counts of indecent exposure.

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