The Utica City School District was improperly placed on a list of over 100 schools in New York State that had not submitted its re-opening plan on time to New York State last Friday, according to the district.

In statement released by the district this afternoon, Michelle LaGase, Director of Grants, Contracts and Compliance at the District said, “Our plan is posted on our website and was submitted to the Governor’s office prior to the deadline." There was however another form that still had to be submitted. "There was an attestation that still needed to be signed and submitted to the health department and that’s been taken care of. We are in compliance,” she added.

Steven Falchi, the Administrative Director at Utica City Schools followed up a short time later with additional information.

“Our detailed school reopening plan was submitted on July 31, 2020 in accordance with the state’s deadline, and was also posted to the school district website on that date," said Falchi. "We received confirmation from the New York State Education Department that the plan was submitted to the state on time. We needed to complete the affirmation for the New York State Department of Health,” he said.

Falchi emailed WIBX the actual confirmation form that they received when they submitted the plan last week. The form is posted below.

Utica School Board member Joe Hobika contacted WIBX this afternoon to contest the release sent out from the state. "I know for a fact we submitted on time. The release is wrong," said Hobika.

Utica is not the only district claiming they submitted on time and feel they should not be on the list. At least one other school district has told WIBX that their plan was submitted properly last week and that they don't belong on the list. WIBX is awaiting official confirmation from that district.

Check back for more information.

Click below to see the forms submitted by the Utica City School District.

Utica City School District - 2020-2021 Reopening Plan Confirmation - New York State Department of Health Utica City School District - 2020-2021 Reopening Plan Confirmation - New York State Education Department

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