Oneida County District Attorney Todd Carville was on the radio Friday morning giving an explanation on the cases involving former Utica Mayor and School Board President Lou Lapolla, and former Utica School Superintendent Bruce Karam.

The LaPolla Case

Lapolla pleaded guilty to Petit Larceny in Oneida County Court on Wednesday. He admitted to using school supplies, stamps and labor to send out invitations to a personal event (a retirement fundraiser). Lapolla will be formally sentenced on April 10. He agreed to 60 days house arrest, 3 years probation, and $3,100 in restitution.

LaPolla still faces six counts of Federal Mail Fraud regarding the retirement fundraiser he held, which was advertised as an event to benefit Utica School District scholarships. The government alleges that LaPolla spent almost all of the money, nearly $40,000, on personal matters.

The Karam Case

On Thursday, Karam had his case adjourned once again, while he and his attorney consider a plea deal. Karam faces Fourth Degree Grand Larceny and Public Corruption, in relation to the LaPolla case. He'll return to Oneida County Court on March 7.

Karam has not been charged as of yet by New York State or the Federal Government.

Since the arrest of Karam, the Utica City School District has terminated his contract with the district. He has a case pending in Federal Court challenging that action.

What Does the DA Say About These Cases?

DA Carville says he hopes the public understands that his office is handling this case carefully and professionally, within the boundaries of the law. He also reminded the public to be patient, as there are other charges pending in the LaPolla case, and additional charges could be levied against Karam, although the only charges he currently faces are with Oneida County.

Watch the complete interview with DA Carville below.

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