Utica, NY (WIBX) - Summer is quickly approaching and outdoor workers are being targeted by the U.S. Department of Labor and OSHA, for an educational campaign to prevent heat-related illnesses.  Water, Rest and Shade ... are words to literally live by said, Jeff Prebish, Assistant Area Director, Occupational Safety and Health Administration in Syracuse. "It's essentially trying to encourage people before they get heat-related illness to drink water often, rest in the shade, report heat symptoms early and know what to do in an emergency," he said.

He says it's important to know the symptoms of overheating, which can start out as a simple heat rash or heat cramp. "And progress all the way up to a heat stroke, which is a severe medical emergency, essentially the body cooks itself from the inside out," he said. Officials say since 2003, more than 30 workers have died each year from a heat-related illness.

Those with the highest risks are agriculture workers, building, road and other construction workers, utility workers, baggage handlers, roofers, landscapers. However, Prebish warns that others who work outside are also at risk and should follow the recommended precautions.

Click HERE To learn how to prevent heat related illnesses from the national campaign already underway.


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