At least in the Utica-Rome area, many believe New Hartford is the best town. But, it actually is not one of the safest towns. However, the town's neighbor is.

So, which of the neighbors is it? Let's talk about them. There's Utica, it certainly cannot be that. There is just no way on earth. Most dangerous? Maybe. But not safest. What about Washington Mills or New York Mills? Nope, again. They are certainly nice, but not the third safest town in New York nice. So there is only one left.

Kirkland is the third safest town in New York State according to Safewise. The confusing part is, does that mean Clinton is the safest? Well, that's a hard one to answer, to be honest. Kirkland as a town is fairly vague. Kirkland is large and includes Clark Mills, Clinton, and Franklin Springs.

The best thing would be to say they all make Kirkland one of the safest towns to live in in the entire state of New York. Safewise is making its list based on violent crime and property crime. In the violent crime category, Kirkland comes in with 0 cases in the past year. On the property crime, they have 0.5 per 1,000 residents. The town itself has a total population of just over 8,000.

Another thing worth knowing, Kirkland actually over the last three years has experienced a drop in property crime. Making it an even safer place to call home in Central New York.

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