Not abandoned, in fact it's fully operational. 'Help Wanted' signs are even posted at the entrances. The phrase 'Welcome to Sears' is rarely uttered today, but back in its heyday, there were about 3,500 stores.

Today, somewhere between 25 and 30 full size Sears stores remain nationwide. One of the last is located at the Newburgh mall in Newburgh, NY. It's about an hour and a half drive south of the Capital Region.

From the looks of things, it appears to be doing pretty well! There's plenty of merchandise, it's all pretty well organized, they're even promoting their legendary 'Great American Tent Sale' - although we don't see any tents.

Sears was Amazon before Amazon. They had EVERYTHING. This store seems to be holding up that tradition. From this tour you can see there's no shortage of clothes, shoes, sporting goods, appliances or tools.

What is missing? Customers. Sure these photos and video may have been taken on a low traffic day, but a store this size needs all the traffic it can get. Still, if you're in the market for some Kenmore appliances or Craftsmen tools, Sears in Newburgh has you covered.

If you can't make it down to Newburgh, let's take a virtual tour of one of the last of this great retail chain.

One of the Last Open Sears Stores in NY, Let's Take a Look

At its peak, there were 3,500 Sears stores. In the Capital Region, there were at least four including locations Aviation Mall in Queensbury, Colonie Center, Crossgates Mall and Wilton Mall. Today, less than 30 full size Sears retail stores remain.

One of the last remaining Sears is about an hour and a half ride down the Thruway from Albany. It's located in Newburgh, NY at the Newburgh Mall.

A quick tour shows us that not only is it open, it looks well cared for and has plenty of merch to sell. Clothes, appliances, tools, home goods, all pretty well stocked. And, like everyone else, they're hiring.

A Final Look Inside Mohawk Mall in Schenectady

Once a thriving shopping destination in the Niskayuna/Schenectady/Colonie area, Mohawk Mall opened in 1970 and lasted just about until the millennium.

The 1980 Sears Holiday Wish Book-Check Out These Amazing Retro Items

Check out this Sears catalog that I got my hands on. It is actually the 1980 Sears Holiday Wish Book. It is nearly 500 pages of all of the things that you wanted to circle in the book so Santa knew what you wanted for Christmas. I picked out a bunch of electronics, retro toys, hand-held games, roller skates, big wheels, clothes, even a 1980s version of the electronic spin bike. Enjoy!

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