Wonderful news in the fight against COVID-19 in Oneida County.

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While nearly all pandemic related restrictions have gone away, and life is returning to normal, the virus is still circulating in our communities. The hope is that one day in the near future the virus ''poof'' completely vanishes and disappears. But will it?

There is hope contained in Oneida County's latest daily report, released on Friday. It included just one (1) new COVID-19 positive test result. Granted, daily testing numbers are way down, but are still several hundred-to-over a thousand diagnostic test being conducted daily in the county. And, while numbers new case total have fallen off a cliff, Friday's report marked just the second time since the first case was announced - in March 2020 - that the county had just a single new positive case in a given day.

The other, was on March 30, 2020, less than two weeks after the county confirmed it's first case.

All other numbers used to track spread and severity are way down, too.

After peaking at more than 7,000, the county's active case total is just 67 - the lowest since late September. Meanwhile, the total number of residents hospitalized for treatment is now three (3). Of those, there is just one county resident in the intensive care unit for treatment of those symptoms, officials said.

If you are among those who hasn't yet been vaccinated, but would like to be, there are several vaccine PODs still operating. You can find them at OCgov.net.

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