Oneida County officials have announced that the two residents who were tested for Coronavirus do not have it.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente and Oneida County Director of Public Health Phyllis Ellis held a press conference Wednesday to notify the media and the public about those test results.

Though there are no confirmed Coronavirus cases in the county, officials are urging people to continue to use good health hygiene and hand washing practices. Flu season is rampant still and if you do not feel well, stay home from work or public events.

Oneida County Health Director Phyllis Ellis says, "information is changing on a daily, even hourly basis." They continue to be briefed as needed by partners at the CDC and State Health Department.

If you have traveled to one of the five countries where COVID-19 is prevalent and you are feeling symptoms you are asked to stay home and call your primary care provider, so they can contact the Department of Health. Do not go to an urgent care or Emergency Department.

The five countries of concern are China, Iran, Italy, Japan and South Korea. Again, if you have traveled to one of those five countries and are feeling any respiratory symptoms such as cough, fever or shortness of breath stay home and call your primary care physician.

Currently in New York State there are a total of 2 confirmed cases. One case is a health care worker quarantined at her home in New York City. The other case is a man in Westchester County. According to the State Department of Health website, there have been 30 negative tests in the state, nine pending tests and 41 total persons "under investigation." That simply means they are being evaluated according to established protocols.

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