There's a new trend in Major League Baseball that is positively fantastic.

On the heels of the San Francisco Giants' brilliant Full House parody comes the Pittsburgh Pirates attempt at lampooning the Family Matters opening.

It's like Major League Baseball teams have decided to show their respect to ABC's famed '90s TGIF lineup, which means we officially have our fingers crossed the Kansas City Royals are feverishly putting the finishing touches on their ode to Step by Step (because Cody deserves some love).

The Pirates video is even smarter than you think. In addition to saluting Family Matters, the clip hearkens back to the 1979 "We Are Family" team that won the World Series -- the last time the Bucs won the Fall Classic. The video also gets bonus points for keeping Reginald VelJohnson. That's respect.

And we're sorry to say it, but we can't think of one Urkel joke at all. Let's hope Andrew McCutchen and company can be more clutch come playoff time than we are right now.

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