Professional dog trainer Sal Piazza, pit bull owners and Kim Strong, of the animal advocate group Lainey's Army, are all caught up in an explosive online spat over whether or not the pit bull breed is a safe choice for families.

"I no longer train pit bulls," said Piazza. "The breed is too much of a liability."  In fact, Piazza is offering dog owners the opportunity to receive free dog training if they trade in their pit bulls.  Piazza is the owner of K-9 Services Unlimited in Frankfort.  Pit bull owners and veterinarians throughout the area condemned Piazza's comments.

"What kind of "Professional" trainer would promote breed discrimination? Wait a true professional would not do that. Thanks for putting your true lack of knowledge out there for all to see," said one Facebook user on the K-9 Services Facebook page.  By afternoon, Piazza's post had more than 70 shares and dozens of comments.

Kim Strong of Lainey's Army, which rehabs dogs and specializes in pit bulls, disagrees with Piazza.  She claims the dogs make for loving pets, just like any other dog. Strong says because of anti pit bull comments like Piazza's, neighbors around her facility on Oriskany Boulevard in Yorkville no longer want her business in the neighborhood. She says she's now looking for a new location, possibly in a more rural area.

Listen to Bill Keeler's interviews with both Piazza and Strong below.

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