Pit Bull owners and supporters were out in full-force on Friday challenging a dog trainer's negative comments about the pit bull breed which she calls "breed discrimination."

Listen to interviews with both Strong and Sal Piazza Below.

"There's a lot of misinformation," said Strong of Lainey's Army (an animal advocate group)  in reference to Piazza's negative comments about pit bulls. "There's a lot of information that's really just crap."  Strong also apologized to Piazza for the threatening posts that were made against Piazza's family as hundreds of Facebook users targeted Piazza's business page after he called on pit bull owners to turn in their dog in exchange for another breed, all in exchange for free training services. She stressed that the harassing comments were made after Piazza's post went viral and people across the country aggressively targeted his Facebook page.

Listen to the interviews with Kim Strong below, followed by interviews with Sal Piazza of K-9 Services Unlimited.

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