This is the parking lot located next to the Stanley Theatre. It's the lot that urban planners would like to build on to create low income housing for artists in Utica. There are many people that support the project, and many who don't.

WIBX's Keeler Show spoke with Becky Carlson St. Clair, Director of Properties at Artspace on Wednesday morning.  She says this is not a project that has been sprung on the public, as it's been in the news for the last 6 years.  St Clair says there have been public hearings on the project and that only now, groups in the area are opposing the project.

Many people are questioning the fact that the project would eliminate parking spaces currently used for people coming too the Stanley. The lot is not actually owned by the Stanley Theatre. It's owned and operated by the City of Utica and they have decided to sell.

One one hand, people tell us that open-air parking lots are a sign of a declining city and meanwhile. erecting new buildings with new designs and visions projects a new and progressive look at city life.

Watch the entire interview with St. Clair here:

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