How about Comet Crunch? Hmmmm....

There is still time to get your proposed flavor but here are some of the ones we can share so far:

  • Jim R.: Bumpy Roads
  • Anthony O.: Riggie Cream
  • Doug R.: Saranac Surprise
  • Cary C.: Mohawk Valley Marble
  • Kimberly K.: Flavors of the Valley
  • Lisa C.: Boilermaker Heaven
  • Candy M.: Italian Ice
  • Kathy: Mud in Your Eye - chocolate ice cream with cherries and bananas
  • Utica Greens - scoop of lime and a scoop of mint
  • Peter: Sangertown Sorbet, Utica Marsh-mallow, Adirondack Scenic Rocky Railroad, Hanna Banana Park, Arterial Clogger, Seymour Sorbet, Saranac Moo-brew
  • Chad (via call to the morning show): Boilermaker Brickle - Vanilla with toffee pieces
  • Eric: Proctor Pecan, Conkling Caramel Crunch, Minty Memorial Parkway Swirl, Hazelnut Handshake

The staff came up with:

Andrew: Keeler in the Morning Krunch Bunch

Monaski - East Chewtica or Reese Chewtica

Kristine: Utica Rocks    vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered almonds, maple-flavoured brittle pieces

Staff: Comet Crunch

Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino
Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino




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