Utica, NY (WIBX) - It's the season for making promises and resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle in the coming year, and this time, quitting smoking is topping the list of the most popular resolutions people are making.The other runner-ups are to save money, get fit, reduce stress and taking a trip. Debra Domagal,Tobacco Cessation Specialist at the Regional Cancer Center at Faxton St. Luke's Healthcare said quitting smoking can actually help people reach other goals. She said, "It's like a four step process, you're going to quit smoking so that's going to be really good for your health and at the same time you're going to be getting fit because you'll want to work out, you'll be able to breath a lot better in regards to reducing that stress and saving--the money that you use to spend on the cigarettes." She added that the money saved can be used to take a trip, which can also reduce a person's stress level.

Debra Domagal will be a guest on First Look tomorrow to discuss the popular New Year's resolutions and give advise about how to go about reaching these goals.