Utica, NY (WIBX) - Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri is showing residents that the city is moving forward.

The recent sale and leasing of the Harza building downtown is one of many pieces falling into place at the right time. It follows shortly after the recent sales of the old Cosmopolitan building and Bossert sites.

Palmieri says the city knows what it has to do and everything is in place to continue selling vacant properties around the city.

"It's not 'what do I think the ingredients are" Palmieri said. "We know what the ingredients are and we're aggressively out there because this is a place to set up shop. Anyone that wants to invest and make money, get return on your investment, Utica, New York is where it's at right now."

As for the downtown parking situation, Palmieri says a solution is in the works, but needs time to be implemented.

"Take this to the bank; there will be parking, enough parking in downtown, within in a short period of time," Palmieri said. "Now, identifying a short period of time as a realistic time between engineering and putting it together. So, it could be within a year and half and two years, at the most."

The mayor has had both issues on his agenda since taking office in January.

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