With all the hate and sadness in our world, it's so wonderful to come across a story of someone taking the time out of their day to make a difference in the life of someone who is less fortunate.

Meet Ryan Polce from Remsen - He's a videographer and video editor for Polce Production. A few weeks ago, Polce was in Buffalo shooting a wedding. Outside the Hotel Lafayette he noticed two men. According to Polce's Facebook Page,

[The men] first complimented me on my tie which led to a 15 minute conversation about football, the city of Buffalo, my cameras, and my career. They were really digging the idea of videography and before going they wished me the best of luck....

When Polce left the wedding, he noticed one of the men still outside (His name is Joe, and he's on the right in the photo at the top of this page). Polce says Joe was crying when he walked up, but quickly answered with "Hey! You're back," and wished him well on the wedding video. But it's what the homeless man said next, that impacted Polce. Joe said,

...Make sure you stick with it so you don't become homeless. It sucks being homeless man...

Ryan Polce decided he could spare some money and gave it to the homeless man. Joe of course was really grateful and thanked Polce over and over again.

Sure, Polce could have ignored the men when they first stopped him in the morning. He could have nodded, said "thanks," and went about his day. But there was a reason for him stopping and having that conversation, and there was a reason why he saw Joe again. For him, giving a few dollars to the homeless man probably wasn't a big deal - But for Joe? Well, we're sure it made his day.

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