One of the only good things about Winter Storm Stella, is all the heartwarming stories of people helping out others and working together... Just like this one.

Steve Kane of Richfield Springs is one of those people who goes out of his way to help others out, and it really showed during and after this huge snowstorm. Kane would go around with his plow and assist anyone who needed some help when it came to removing the massive amounts of snow. On top of doing that, he didn't expect anything in return (except maybe a "thank you"). And it's not just Winter Storm Stella that brought Kane out to help his neighbors and friends, according to his family he does this for every storm.

The kindness of people like this deserves to be recognized. For someone to be willing to go out of their way and help out others in times of emergencies AND to just to make things easier (like when it's a few inches of snow) says a lot about a person. Thank you Steve. And thanks to Shari for sharing this great story.

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