Fox News reporter Jana Winter could face contempt of court charges, in other words, jail time, if she refuses to reveal the source who provided her with some information in the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting.

At issue is her reporting on a notebook that alleged shooter James Holmes mailed to a psychiatrist at the University of Colorado. That book was reportedly mailed days prior to the movie theater shooting that left a dozen dead and nearly sixty others injured. Winter said she received the info from a confidential law enforcement official. But, in this case, a judge had already put a gag order in place preventing anyone from discussing details.

Winter has said that being forced to reveal the source would effectively end her career.

Legal expert in civil trial law Brett Myers says the issue of confidential media informants  has implication beyond this case.

But, does this issue jeopardize the state's case against Holmes?

Myers said he didn't believe it would, adding that Holmes has indicated he would be willing to plead guilty if the death penalty were taken out of play.

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