Litchfield, NY (WIBX) - "This is a scam of the worst kind."

Those were the words spoken by one person in opposition to the proposed wind turbines in Litchfield. People, both for and against the turbines, packed the town hall last night, voicing their concerns.

Joanne Eisinger was at the meeting. She says she feels the turbines' risks outweigh the rewards.

"Science should drive what you do," Eisinger said. "You do not just do something because it sounds good, it sounds like it saves the environment and things like that. You have to look at the whole picture."

The small town is proposing a law that, according to Board member Mark O'Sullivan, would ban the use of industrial wind turbines, but allow for some personal harvesting of wind energy, with a permit.

"The small wind energy convergence system would be limited to a height at a maximum of 120 feet," O'Sullivan said. "And any type of a measuring tower, meteorological or environmental assessment tower would be limited to 50 feet."


But Owen Grant, a project manager from Ridgeline Energy, said the town has made conclusive statements about the negative impact of wind energy without supportive evidence behind to back them up.

"There's no perfect electricity generation source," Grant said. "But, it's important to keep that in mind that electricity has to come from somewhere."

Another discussion meeting has been scheduled for next Thursday night at 8 p.m., in the Litchfield Town Hall. O'Sullivan has speculated that a vote on the proposed law will also take place.

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