Long known as the 'Getaway Region' of New York, Oneida County and the Mohawk Valley always have something interesting to offer, this week the Roller Derby in Central New York.

WIBX 950 in conjunction with Oneida County Tourism host This Week In The Mohawk Valley Toy and the CNY Travel Show to highlight community events and opportunities that are coming to the Mohawk Valley throughout the week.

This week, "Captain Kirky", "White Lie" and "Smashly Crumbles" are in studio with Sarah Foster of Oneida County Tourism and Jim to talk about the upcoming Siege Of CNY Tournament and Roller Derby in Central New York.

Upcoming Events

The Mohawk Valley has many upcoming community events and activities for the coming week including a Comets game, a concert, a performance at the Stanley Theatre, an exhibition and more.

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