The much anticipated announcement from Jerry Seinfeld?  Probably not.

But, there is a commercial and there are references and maybe even a hint; but it doesn't seem like there's any talk of a reunion, at least in the Super Bowl.

This week, the New York Daily News confirmed that there will be a new Seinfeld reunion show; but, it won't announced during the Super Bowl.  There was also a report that the recent filming at Tom's Restaurant in New York City was not for the Super Bowl.

Turns out, that's not true.  The Tom's Restaurant citing two weeks ago was indeed a Superbowl commercial.

Jerry, George and Newman appeared in a spot that simply serves as a giant tease for Seinfeld fans.  When it was over, they were promoting Seinfeld's comedy show "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," but it was clearly more than that.  In fact, it was a mini 1-minute version of Seinfeld and Jerry and Larry David were behind it all.

It's clear, Seinfeld and David are playing with us. Here's the clip from Sunday's Superbowl.  (Audio is a little rough)

Seinfeld is, however, supposedly, in another Super Bowl commercial and there are a few references to the television series there, as well. It's actually a commercial for Acura.  Watch it here.

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