New York Senator Joe Griffo is furious over three issues that are currently affecting Upstate New York.

Griffo says we have to be diligent in making sure elderly residents of nursing homes are receiving the best care. The Senator says he's received several calls from constituents who have stories of elderly family members being mistreated at area nursing homes.

"This is inexcusable," said Griffo.

He's asking for family members to reach out to their local officials to share stories of neglect in nursing homes.

Senator Griffo also discussed the recent proposed legislation that will require cosmetologists to train and become licensed to wash people's hair. Griffo said the fence would cost several hundred dollars. He says the legislation is absurd and nothing kore than a money-grab by the state.

Griffo also jumped on the plastic bag issue at area grocery stores.  He said no tax has been implemented by the state and if stores say they must charge for bags, none of that money is going to the County or the state.

Listen to the complete interview here.

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