One of the most popular events held by Senator Joe Griffo each year is the annual free drop-off Recycling event. In 2017 this occasion, which is usually held in the summer and the fall will only happen this summer.

This year's drop-off will take place in New Hartford this Saturday, May 6th at the New Hartford Shopping Center. The public is encouraged to do some spring cleaning and get rid of old electronics like TVs and computers, confidential documents to be shredded, and expired or unused medications to be disposed of.

Griffo has been hosting the event for 5 years and over that time collected and recycled more than 406,000 lbs. of electronics. Griffo explained that even though people looked forward to the second event in the fall, circumstances prohibiting it were out of his control. Griffo says, "Because there will not be a second event in Rome later in the year, I encourage anyone who typically attends my fall recycling event to stop by this weekend in New Hartford."

The collection will take place from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Saturday. If you are bringing confidential documents for shredding, please limit it to 5 boxes per car. Also, expired or unused prescriptions are encouraged, but please do not bring sharps or needles.

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