Two state Senators are encouraging the State University of New York to do business with state-based manufacturers.

Senators Joseph Griffo and Kenneth LaValle have sent a letter to the presidents and chief business officers of State University of New York schools, urging them to place products made in New York on SUNY campuses.

Griffo says companies like Liberty Tabletop, the last American-flatware manufacturer, could benefit from these contracts.

He says the company is located in Sherrill and is in close proximity to virtually all SUNY campuses.

"SUNY schools are funded with New York tax dollars and are primarily attended by state residents," Griffo said."As such, state schools should take pride in the products that are manufactured right here in New York. Our local manufacturers should be supported because the more that we can support these hard-working employees, the more we can strengthen our local economies and sustain jobs throughout the state."

The following is the full text of Sen. Griffo and Sen. LaValle’s letter:

Dear SUNY College Presidents,


Among the many initiatives advocated for by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in recent years is a call for increased efforts to develop and support local manufacturing, including a proposal to facilitate the procurement of local-manufactured goods in all state contracts as a part of his 2017 agenda, which culminated in his signing of legislation last month to have bridges and roads built with American-made steel and iron. Such efforts are good business, not just for the local manufacturers, but for the agencies, organizations and institutions that purchase these goods.


As such, we encourage the State University of New York and its individual campuses across the state to contract with these New York-based manufacturers to place their products on SUNY campuses. As an example, the last American-flatware manufacturer, Liberty Tabletop, is located in the heart of the state in Sherrill – in close proximity to virtually all SUNY campuses.


Based on what the governor has previously proposed, it would be best for state-run campuses, like SUNY and its member campuses, to choose to support an American-made manufacturer based in New York. Not only would your support of Liberty Tabletop be good for the company, but it would be good for the environment as well, as it would cut down on waste produced by any plastic utensils currently used on SUNY campuses. The University of Buffalo is already contracting with Liberty Tabletop, with excellent results. We hope that as your procurement cycles for flatware approach that you will make every effort to invest in our state and its future.


We appreciate your consideration of the importance of supporting local manufacturing efforts throughout New York.



Joseph A. Griffo

Senator, 47th District

Kenneth P. LaValle

Senator, 1st District

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