The Oneida County Health Department says a skunk that got into a fight with a dog in the Town of Marcy has tested positive for rabies.

The skunk was euthanized on October 13th and later tested positive for rabies at the Wadsworth Lab in Albany.

The dog was not current on its rabies vaccinations and has been quarantined for six months.

The pet owner is undergoing a rabies post-exposure vaccination.

Some signs to look for in a rabid animal are: staggering, convulsions, choking, frothing at the mouth and paralysis. Many animals will make unusual sounds.

“If you see these symptoms with an animal please stay away from the animal and keep your pets away as well,” said Phyllis Ellis, Director of the Oneida County Health Department.

Officials are also reminding everyone to keep their pets up to date with rabies vaccinations.

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