Excitement over Star Wars: The Force Awakens has reached a fever (soccer) pitch.

In proof that the film franchise truly is a global phenomenon, fans of the Bulgarian soccer team FC CSKA Sofia put on a show during a recent match that would leave even George Lucas' jaw on the floor.

The fans unveiled a giant painting of Darth Vader before they all put on Stormtrooper and sang along to Darth Vader's theme.

As if that's not enough -- and, trust us, it is -- the fans then started a fire display because if there's one thing rowdy soccer fans need, it's fire. Nothing could possibly go wrong there, right?

Ironically, with that many flames bursting about, you could say the fans joined the light side. Get it? Instead of the dark side? Okay, that was lame. Sorry.

There's no word if the exhibition spurred FC CSKA Sofia on to kick the Sith out of its opponent. Now, that's really lame.

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