People love nostalgic things. That is why there is a resurgence of music fans listening to vinyl, people shopping at thrift shops and people restoring old furniture. Anything that reminds us of the great things in the past are making a coming back. Is that the case when it comes to drive-in theaters?

While the traditional movie theater industry is struggling due to the boon of streaming services, there are still a number of drive-in theaters in Upstate New York that are still alive and some that are thriving. The drive-in is a unique experience that brings us back to the days of the 50s and 60s, when the technology was at its prime. It's where teens went on first dates and families went to enjoy the newest cartoons or films. Sadly, most of the drive-in theaters began to fall by the wayside, but some are still alive and kicking.

We have a list of 11 Upstate New York Drive-Ins you can still travel to and enjoy.

You will absolutely love the nostalgia of pulling your car into that big open field and watching modern movies or classics, if they run them, and enjoying the crisp summer air with friends or family. With the newer vehicles you'll be able to enjoy your nice sound system and the stars through your moon or sun roof. If you haven't experienced a drive-in theater before, take a drive back in time and enjoy one of these 11 fine locations still thriving and staying open for your enjoyment. Remember these are truly small businesses looking to feed their families and entertain yours.

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