A car sits at the Hancock airport parking garage in Syracuse awaiting its owner who appears will never return. The car belongs to a soldier who was stationed at Fort Drum who appears has never returned home from his deployment. 

This story was posted on Facebook from Verona resident Rebecca James, she writes:

At the Syracuse Hancock Airport, on August 3, 2013…as we took Alan-Michael to leave for basic training in the United States Army this truck was in the parking garage. Covered in a thick layer of dust, and with an expired registration from 2011; it had been there quite a while. As it was clearly marked Fort Drum, we thought it was a soldier that had deployed but not yet returned. I snapped this photo, sad and stunned that it was there. A year later, when he left for his duty station in Germany; it was there still and when we picked him up for leave, on May 15, 2015 it had not moved. On this Memorial Day, take a moment to pause and remember that this truck has been there for 4 years…unclaimed, and unmoved…its soldier still not home."

The photo is extremely powerful and gets you remembering what Memorial Day is truly about.


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