So it's getting expensive to get chicken wings because of a shortage. That actually makes zero sense with this argument.

That said, argument is flat out, why do we not have a shortage of breasts, thighs, and drumsticks? Think about it, we have a chicken wing shortage but not a shortage of the entire bird? I had an entire drawn-out conversation about this the other night with my roommate. I personally cannot come up with anything that proves this point wrong.

I went to Walmart the other afternoon and grabbed a big ole pack of chicken breast and it was the typical price. You would tend to think, that just like wings, the price of breast or any other part would be more than normal. But no, it doesn't seem to be the case. I did find something from USA Today where Tom Super from the National Chicken Council says we have a tight supply of chicken, but not necessarily a shortage.

Yes, supply is somewhat tight, but the sky certainly isn’t falling," Super told USA TODAY. “Chicken producers are doing everything they can to overcome the devastating impact of Mother Nature when she inflicted the once-in-a-lifetime winter storm on Texas and nearby states – major chicken producing regions.” - Tom Super/USA Today

So Covid-19 has zilch to do with wing prices. Rising prices must be an action to prevent a shortage as we had seen with toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic. But if wings are rising in price, how come breast is not?

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