The New York State Association of Counties is not happy with the fact that local governments are being blamed for spikes in COVID-19 cases.

In a statement released Sunday the association says, "Counties across the state refuse to accept any blame for spikes in COVID-19 in schools when there has been inconsistent testing protocols or guidance coming from the state."

Throughout the course of the Pandemic several county officials across the state has been critical of the state for not communicating properly, including Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente.

Several recent spikes across the Empire State have been linked to schools. The association says schools were required to submit reopening plans to the state, but not to the individual counties and municipalities in which they are located. A release from The Association of Counties stated, "To suggest that localities begin testing students without state leadership, guidance or support is disingenuous."

It is belief that the state, who in their words "declared this public health emergency," are in a position to give proper protocols and practices in every facet of battling the virus. Another complaint of the association is the lack of financial backing from the state in order to implement what little guidance they have been given. Officials say,

The state has received more than $5 billion in CARES Act funding. Unlike in most states, none of this has been allocated to New York's counties, which have been charged with leading the local response to this pandemic. It is beyond the capacity of local governments to administer tests on behalf of schools.

Officials say that coordination is key moving forward in order to adequately implement the plans imposed by the state.

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