Governor Andrew Cuomo say over 68,000 COVID-19 tests were conducted in New York state yesterday and less than one-percent (0.90) were positive, the lowest level since the pandemic began.

There were 29 coronavirus deaths in New York state on Wednesday.

When it comes to re-opening, Cuomo is issuing an Executive Order which would allow for the immediate loss of liquor licenses and the shutdown of bars and businesses who don’t follow the rules.

"As we go through these phases of reopening, the compliance and enforcement function of local government gets more difficult. We're going to take an added step by issuing Executive Orders to increase the State's enforcement capacity," Cuomo said. "We have done this now in every region across the state, and it has worked overall, but it works better or worse depending on compliance and enforcement and how people follow the rules. New Yorkers have done an incredible job in fighting this virus, but our success will rely on all of us continuing to be smart."

Cuomo is also issuing an Executive Order holding bars responsible for the sidewalk area in front of their establishments.

And the governor wants college and universities to come up with plans for re-opening in the fall.

Cuomo also announced that New York City is on track for Phase Two re-opening on Monday.

Today is day 110 of the coronavirus pandemic in New York.

Cuomo will deliver his final daily coronavirus briefing on Friday.


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