This weekend's subway series between the New York Yankees and Mets could mean a big payout for Bill Ellenwood of Yorkville. The local Mets fan entered a contest with the Mets, SNY and the New York Lottery which could pay out $170,000 at Saturday night's game at Citi Field.

"I was shocked when I was notified on May 31st that my name had been drawn to be a contestant," said Ellenwood who thought the whole thing was a joke. "Just being selected is a miracle," he said.

Here's how it works: If a New York Mets player hits a home run off the New York Lottery sign in right center field, that night's contestant wins the jackpot. The pot started at $10,000 and goes up $5,000 each game the sign is not hit. If nobody from the Mets hits the sign on Friday night's first game of the series, Bill will be eligible to win $170,000 during Saturday night's game with the Yankees.

Ellenwood isn't actually going to the game. He'll be watching at home with friends. "That way I can yell and swear all I want when they make an out and don't hit the sign!" As of Thursday, the Mets aren't making Ellenwood feel all that confident. The Mets are in an offensive slump, losing their last six games and compiling only eleven runs by their offense in as many days.  "I was excited when they brought in Mickey Callaway to be their manager this year. April was a great month...but May and June not so much. But if you're a loyal fan, you take the good with the bad. With the Mets, most of the time it's bad! get used to it," he said. There might be some hope for Ellenwood as slugger Yoenis Cespedes, who's been on the disabled list since May 16th, is expected to be back playing this weekend. The Mets, who have been plagued by injury so far this season, could certainly use his offense and so could Ellenwood. "I hope that anyone watching the game, whether they are Yankee fans or Met fans, will root for me and send me some luck. Like the Lottery's old slogan goes: "You never know, so, Let's Go Mets," Ellenwood barked. That is, at least for one really big hit this Saturday night.

Indeed, it's a long shot; but, what will Bill do with the money if he wins?  "Hmmm...first of all there'd be a big party to celebrate. Then, maybe a new car and after's all fun and games!"

You can still enter to win the contest from the New York Lottery online by going to You're allowed to enter once each day. Ellenwood has been entering once a day since opening day.

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