New York State lawmakers appear to be turning a blind eye to a rise in accidental drug overdoses among children by skipping a key regulation in the state's adult-use marijuana legalization.

Not only are adults in the Empire State and other weed-friendly states buzzing off the power-packed marijuana/THC infused gummies and candies, but their kids are too. At issue is the branding of the products, which are made to look identical to their child-friendly, candy counterparts.

Think about how many times have you thoughtlessly reached your hand into an open bag of chips, popcorn or candy that you found on the kitchen counter, grabbed a handful of the snack and consumed it without a second look?

Well, kids have been doing it too, and by the thousands.

There's Weedish Fish (Swedish Fish), Cannaburst (Starburst), Stoner Patch (Sour Patch), and a full line of Nerds Ropes that are loaded with THC. And there are many, many others. And even the ones not named after children's candy brands still come in packages that look like they're kids candy.

Visit your local head shop and you're sure to find some variation of the these 'candies'.


To be absolutely clear, this is not about making weed, THC and edibles illegal in New York again, or to in anyway hamper the ability of adults to consumer these products.

Will eating a THC infused gummy make you any less high, or relaxed, or ease pain in fewer bones or joints (no pun intended) if the gummy you're consuming comes out of a package that doesn't look like a kids snack?

via VNiceCig.en
via VNiceCig.en

Image a brand of vodka that comes in a juice box that looks identical to the Hi-C juice box you and I drank as a kid, and are still on the market today...Or how about a juice pouch called 'Capri Stun', that almost exactly mirrors the Capri Sun pouches you handed out to all the kids after soccer practice, but these have gin and juice, not just juice...Or, maybe White Russians legally sold in stores that come a mini cardboard pint made to look like the milk your child gets with their school lunch.

If thousands of kids were showing up to school drunk after accidentally consuming the imaginary products I just mentioned do you think someone would take action?

Either enforce existing federal laws that deal with the issue, or pass a state law the prohibits such branding, or something...

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, the number of childhood poisoning incidents involving kids (ages 0-12) and marijuana/marijuana products jumped from 187 total cases in 2016 to more than 4,300 in 2021.

That's an increase of more than 2,220%!!!!

For decades we've been told how awful cigarette companies were for marketing their products to kids: ya know because Joe Camel is a cartoon Camel, and flavored cigarettes are ONLY designed to lure in the next generation of smokers....but no one wants to regulate, or enforce regulations, on weed gummies in packages that could even confuse an adult?

State lawmakers seem to find any variety of stupid reasons to impose stupid laws that do little to help anyone. Yet, they silently sit on their hands and take no action on this?

Are THEY high? Or, do they just not care?

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